Emergency Passport

Emergency Passport

An emergency passport is issued for South African citizens who urgently need to travel abroad.

Application Time

The application time for an emergency passport will take about one week from the date of application. If applying for a emergency passport whilst abroad this process may take longer, depending on the alternative forms of identification you have available.

Emergency Passport Form

You will need to complete a form BI-73 and submit the form at the department of Home Affairs domestically. If you are overseas, you will need to submit it at the South African embassy or South African mission of the country you are in.

Please note that the printed web form is often not accepted and you may be required to fill out an original form.

Application Requirements

At the home affairs department or embassy, you will need to supply:

  • Proof of your identity (identity document or otherwise)
  • Two passport photographs


It will cost R140, which must be paid in cash. This excludes the cost of passport photos. Cash or credit card will be accepted as payment.

Validity of the emergency passport

The passport will be valid for nine months, and can be used for only one trip.

Temporary passport

A temporary passport is for citizens who have already applied for a proper passport, but are unable to wait for urgent reasons. It will cost R180 to process.

Stolen Passports

Stolen passports should be reported immediately. Proof of what happened to your passport – Police record of the event.
If abroad and not in South Africa when the passport is stolen, you must report the stolen passport to the South African Embassy or mission in the country you are in.

It is important to remember to travel with other identification in case this occurs.

Damaged passports

A sworn statement will be required stating the damage and the exact reason it was damaged.
The damaged passport will need to be presented and the damage accessed.

Department of Home Affairs Hours

07:00 – 15:30 on Monday to Friday.  Some provincial departments are open for collections on a Saturday morning.

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